Careers and Education in Interior Design

Careers and Education in Interior Design

For those of you thinking about a career in the exciting world of interior design, there are many things to consider. What kind of degree program should you pursue? What kinds of certifications do you need, and how do you prepare for them? What are the different job fields within interior design? And, oh yeah, how are you going to pay for your education?

Profile of Interior Design - Interior designers (not to be confused with interior decorators) develop the blueprints of a room.

Fitting in at the Best Interior Design Schools - This article covers educational requirements for entry into the field of interior design, including the difficulties of getting accepted, choosing the best school for your needs, and the kinds of classes to expect. The importance of acceditation is also discussed.

Your Interior Design Degree Is Just the Beginning... - Similar to law and medicine, interior design certifications and licenses have strict requirements. This article discusses the degrees and certifications needed for individuals pursuing a career in the field.

Interior Design Financial Aid: Sorting Out the Options - Finding an interior design program is only the first part of the battle -- now, you actually have to pay for it! Funding sources for your education as an interior designer are discussed here.

Interior Design Resources - Part decorators, part architects, interior designers cover it all. You will find many niche possibilities to pursue within your interior design career, and this article presents some helpful tips on planning for, finding, and landing the perfect interior design job.

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