Choosing an Interior Design School

Choosing an Interior Design School

So you've decided to become an interior designer. As an interior design student, there are three important qualities you should look at in an interior design program.

To become a professional interior designer, you must pass a national exam administered by the National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ). This exam is a requirement of state licensing boards; most states require licensure of interior designers. The educational requirements for this exam can be found at NCIDQ's website. Be sure to check with the school you're considering to make sure they meet those educational requirements.

Faculty and Facilities

Other factors to look at include the background and experience of the faculty, how current the facilities are, students' access to showrooms and galleries, the success and satisfaction of alumni, and whether or not the program is strictly design or if it incorporates a liberal arts curriculum.

State Requirements

Finally, prospective students should consider the individual requirements of the state they wish to practice. Students should find out whether or not a license is required, and if so, what the licensure requirements are.

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