Commercial Interior Design

Commercial Interior Design

Commercial interior designers design public spaces such as office buildings, community centers, museums, hotels, stores, warehouses, and libraries.

Most commercial interior design jobs involve creating an environment that marries function and aesthetics -- ensuring that the site's purpose is reflected in an interior space that empowers or pleases the worker or customer. A commercial interior designer's work includes selecting paint colors, choosing artwork, accounting for acoustics and lighting, picking appropriate furniture, and placing all these together in the manner most appropriate to the venue.

Like residential interior designers, commercial interior designers research trends, understand the desires of the client, create sketches, and oversee the implemenation of their designs.

Most designers have at least a bachelor's degree in interior design, though some may also come from a background in the arts or architecture. NCIDQ licensing may be helpful for employment. They often work full-time for design and architectural sevice companies.

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