Exhibit Design

Exhibit Design

Exhibit designers plan, create, and implement the designs for exhibits at trade shows, museums, libraries, retail store exhibits, and galleries.

Unlike that of traditional interior design, the work of exhibit designers is usually temporary -- exhibits can be up for anywhere from several months in a museum to just one day at a business expo. Exhibit designers may be full-time staff of an organization like a museum, or may work for an independent event producer.

Exhibit designers use skills in conceptual design, industrial design, CAD, and model-making to develop and present their design ideas. They then work closely with their clients to select materials that fit within a budget and that will best showcase the client's message. They may also oversee the construction and installation of the exhibit, order supplies, and work with related services, such as lighting design or visual media artists.

A bachelor's degree in interior design is helpful for exhibit designers, as they will have to take into account many of the same issues regarding safety, aesthetics, and function.

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