Lighting Design

Lighting Design

Lighting is a key component of any interior space -- from the theatre to a home, museum, event, or office.The lighting designer chooses the types and amount of lighting that best suits the purpose of the space and the desires of the client.

In theatre, the lighting designer works with the stage manager, set designer, costume designer, and occasionally the choreographer, to create a lighting scheme that fits the mood of the story, and still meets safety and budget requirements.

Residential and commercial interior designers consider lighting design when choosing colors and furnishings. On smaller projects, these interior designers may handle the lighting design themselves. Larger projects, however, may require the work of a dedicated architectural lighting designer. These lighting designers work to create a lighting design that meets aesthetic, ergonomic, and energy efficiency requirements. Too much illumination, for example, can be unattractive, create an unsafe glare, and waste electricity.

Lighting designers may also design illuminations of external structures, such as monuments, fountains, skyscrapers, or many other structures.

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