Qualites That Make For Great Interior Design Professionals

  • Creativity is one of the most important qualities of any designer. A love for the art, despite challenges, criticism, and frustration, will pull the designer through the career.
  • Artistic ability is another essential factor; designers develop their talent over their entire lifetime. Drawing, sketching, painting, repair, and sewing will be used at times over the interior designer's career.
  • Discipline is necessary because designers often work for themselves, with little supervision, for long hours on hard projects. These projects require total commitment, and are not for those seeking a 9-5 job where the work doesn't follow them home.
  • A sound business sense and organizational skills are also important. Knowing how to be frugal but still get the best presentation will take a firm farther than extravagantly spending. Knowing how to manage assistance, work with contractors, and find new jobs requires a sound business mind.
  • If it seems like communication skills comes up a lot, that's because it does. In today's interconnected global economy, there are very few isolate jobs. Interior designers work with their staff, with architects and construction crews, with clients, potential clients, disgruntled past clients, with oversight agencies and stores and suppliers - with EVERYONE. This is where patience, management skills, and diplomacy become essential.

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